From Nick Bellamy’s early experiments with a toy electronics kit through to internet notoriety and career suicide, The Mourning DJ is the new pseudo-autobiography by my top media pal Neal ‘Mayhem’ Veglio.

Presented as an ongoing series of highly produced podcasts for reasons that can only be explained as Neal having old, fat fingers leaving him unable to type properly. It’s fine, we’re mates, I’m the pretty one.

Flipping the autobiography genre on it’s head, with all the names changed for their own protection, and interspersed with anecdotes and stories that ACKCHERLY HAPPIND, The Mourning DJ season one charts the rise of radio nerd, Nick Bellamy, as he goes from assembling a home-made transmitter from an electronics kit through to his big break as a morning radio TV presenter, with the occasional side-trek via an appearance on Big Brother that hammers the first of many nails into his career coffin.

At times very funny, very rude and absolutely nothing like Alan Partridge’s autobiography at all, each episode is about 15 minutes long (there is one at 6 mins and the season finale is half an hour) making it perfect to listen to while you’re having a poo, (which is how you are supposed to read autobiographies) or when you’re doing a ridiculous amount of dadtaxi commutes because you have three daughters with age gaps that prevent them ever sharing a reasonably scheduled dance or swim class, leaving you in perpetual petrol consumption.

So, that’s a lot of writing, here’s the trailer which will give you a better idea of the kind of noises you can expect to be putting in your ears should you follow my recommendation, which you should definitely do.

There. That was nice, wasn’t it? Yes it was. IT WAS.

So this is a lovely insight into the origins and mindset of someone who thinks it is a good idea to live broadcast using a fleshlight on the radio (I imagine this will be coming in season 5). I can’t find a link to this, so well done mate, you managed to lose that on the internet, nobody will ever know.

The Mourning DJ is all over the bloody interwebs, on iTunes, Google podcasts, via your favourite podcast player, or click below to find the actual website that I can get a proper working link for.

  1. I love your review. My review of your review is as follows – humorous, generous and sharp, but with a hint of admiration and fondness. I give it 7 out of 5 on TripAdvisor.

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