Halo Free E-Liquid Review (with my mate Chris)

Posted: Feb 8, 2019 in Fudgecrumpet
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Applying for every single blogging assignment in the hope that someone will agree to send you free stuff to try out can lead to all manners of weird products getting sent your way. From card games to snowboarding lessons; croutons to unmentionables, it’s a crapshoot of, well, occasional crap.

This time around, I got the assignment to write about nicotine-free e-liquid. Y’know, for vaping. I don’t even vape or know what even is a vape so I asked the only person I know who does, my good pal Chris, to help me out.

Say hello to Chris. He replies “Hello.” You feel warm.

So I sent Chris the variety of samples of Halo Free e-Liquid to try out for me, and then I bombarded him with questions to save me from having to do any proper work myself.

Me – What the bloody hell is a Vaping?

Chris – A vaping is when you decide that breathing in nicotine smoke is rubbish and breathing in nicotine steam is the way of the future.


Me – Why does you do a Vaping? Is it cool?

Chris – It is better than smoking as it is a bit cheaper and it doesn’t make you smell like ashtrays. It might be better for you than smoking because there are less harmful things to inhale. It is cool because it makes you look like a dragon or a kettle and that has never not been cool. I am as cool as a cucumber. You are as cool as a lettuce (iceberg.)

Me – So I gave you all these flavours of Halo Free e-Liquid to try. Which is best? Which don’t you like?

Chris – I like fruity menthol flavours as it reminds me of cough sweets and Vicks Vaporub. Fruit fusion is nice, and Menthol Blast made my mouth feel like I had been performing sexual acts on a snowman. I think Blueberry Burst was the nicest one though, mainly because I like alliteration.

I don’t like creamy flavours or anything that tastes too artificial, like cogs or television flavour. The Vanilla Ice Cream flavour was my least favourite, because ice cream is creamy. It didn’t taste of cogs or television.

Me – How do you do a Vaping? Do you just plug in tubes and hammers or something?

Chris – Well, here comes the science bit, concentrate. You have an e-Cigarette (like an email but a cigarette) that you charge off a USB plug. You pour the e-liquid into the e-Cigarette, then you puff on it like a pipe or a backwards Kazoo.

Me – These samples are all from the Nicotine-free Halo Free range. I remember the adverts in the 80s where Nick O’Teen had a fight with Superman or something, so Nicotine is bad. That would mean that Nicotine-free e-Liquids are good, right?

Chris – If you’re finding it hard to give up certain habits of smoking that aren’t related to the nicotine itself then it might be useful to have a prop that isn’t addictive. If you’ve been weaning yourself off nicotine then zero nicotine vaping is the last step towards being free of addiction altogether, which is nice.

These Halo Free eLiquids are great, and not just because you gave me them for free. They don’t have quite the buzz as my usual 0.03mg nicotine juice, but I do like them. A lot. Like not enough to marry them though.

Me – How long does a bottle of vapey juice last?

Chris – That depends on what setup you have. I’ve got a sub-ohm tank that gives out a lot of vapour so I use about 10ml of juice a day. Smaller kits with higher-resistance heating coils use less juice and produce less vapour accordingly.

Me – Remember that smoke machine in 1998 that Jonathan had and it was banana flavour, is it the same as vaping?

Chris – I do remember Jonathan’s smoke machine and yes, it is basically the same thing! The ingredients in smoke machine fluid are very similar to vape juice (without the nicotine and flavourings) and you can probably get Jonathan Banana flavour vape somewhere or other.

Me – Vaping is a rubbish word though. Think of a better word. I was thinking Electro-fag but that has bad meanings elsewhere.

Chris – Electric Steambox! Fizzy Cloudburps! Vurping! Wispy Doris!

Me – Thank you, Mr Chris. Eggplant. Winky tongue face.

And that’s your lot. Here’s an unrelated musical interlude before the bit where I tell you what links to click on.

You can get your hands (and lungs, I dunno) on these Halo Free eLiquids, along with varying degrees of ones that do contain nicotine (boo hiss bad) at ecigarettedirect.co.uk

You should definitely follow Chris on the Twittor, where he is much awesome and does very nice drawings and I dunno, whatever else he does.

You can follow me on the Twittor, the Twitch (subscribing would be nice, you can do that for free with Amazon Prime) or the Facebook. You can also donate to this blog, help support me and such HERE, if you really feel like I deserve it.

Right, I’m gonna disappear in a cloud of smoke now, like a ninja. But where can i find a cloud of smoke…?

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