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The Sniffer.

A Russian/Ukranian show.

On Netflix.

With subtitles.

From 2013.

A detective show.

About a man who solves crimes.

Ok… yeah, that might have answered the question posed in the title…


He solves crimes by sniffing stuff.


In something clearly written by either the best parody writers of our generation or scrawled on the wall of a padded cell, The Sniffer follows the adventures of the titular character (his real name is never revealed, hilariously) who has a superhuman sense of smell.

With his friend in the SBI (which I assume is like the FBI but with an S) he smells things that normal people cannot and uses those skills to solve crimes and defeat baddies somehow.

In his first appearance, he stops a bomber on a plane by sniffing the explosives hidden in a plaster cast on his arm, convincing the Captain and flight attendant that he is telling the truth by explaining how he could smell that they’d had sex together before boarding the flight.

This is the first ten minutes. It gets worse/better.

Here are some of the episode descriptions from the three seasons of this cheesedream. I am copying and pasting directly from Netflix, so don’t accuse me of making these up.

Season One, Episode 2

Victor must solve the murders of two important men. They seem related, but the only clue is the cheap tobacco the Sniffer smells at both crime scenes.

Season One, Episode 6

After the son of a wealthy businessman is kidnapped, the Sniffer works on the only clues, a Frisbee and an energy drink can.

Season Two, Episode 2

A case of supermarket shoplifting turns into murder. The Sniffer is out of the hospital, but being shaky doesn’t stop him from smelling strawberries.

Season Three, Episode 4

A popular reality show star is dead, but the Sniffer deduces the killer. A professor and corporation founder lands on the Sniffer and Viktor’s radar.

Right, that last one is from the third season, which has relatively more serious descriptions, but still, does smell work on radar? I seem to remember the kids at school accused me of long distance directional smelling, but I think they were being mean.

Anyway, this is my new favourite show and you can fight me if you want.

Get a free month’s Netflix and binge The Sniffer with me, using this link, and maybe watch some other things on there too, IF YOU MUST.

Don’t watch The I-Land though, it is shit.

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