Megashark Vs Giant Octopus – A Review of a Movie I Saw

Posted: Oct 14, 2019 in Fudgecrumpet, Movie, Movie Review, Review, sharks
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Remember that last post I wrote? I’m sure you do, you read it and shared it on all your social networks and posted a comment and everything. No?

Oh, well, the gist was that I suggested people send me shark movies and then people sent me shark movies. I put quite a bit of effort in, I made a little video and everything. No?


Set in the present day, and not the late-1970s, MegaShark Vs Giant Octopus fails to be an intense, and occasionally disturbing account of the failure of a class-based American society. Nor does it deal with the neglect brought upon the mentally ill by a poorly funded mental healthcare system.

Debbie Gibson stars not as a for-hire clown, down on her luck, seeking to better herself by becoming a stand-up comic, and she absolutely does not deliver a superb performance studying her characters descent into madness and desire for pure anarchy.

Absolutely no controversy was raised about this movie upon it’s release, with the largely media-imagined threat of cinema shootings and a revolution of home-grown mega-sharks being nowhere to be seen. Some would argue this kind of hype was designed to promote the movie in some sick and twisted way, but this does not appear to have been used at all during any promotion.

The visuals of the movie evoke the time period in which it was set, but rather with a grimey crime filled retro-dystopia we are faced with lacklustre submarine sets and location shoots on random beaches. I feel that the locations do aid the story, although a brown and orange tinged Gotham city would have been a better choice had this been a movie about a vengeful victim of societal pressures rather than a big shark fighting a big octopus.

The brutality of the shark and octopus battles is nowhere near as shocking as perhaps, a shooting on a subway train, with a victim being someone who seemed to ‘deserve it’, with both the shark and octopus being portayed as equally evil creatures, rather than morally grey and only truly anarchic when they see the results and consequences of their actions.

In conclusion, I feel this shark movie was nothing like an intense case study and origin of one of fiction’s greatest supervillains, was not a difficult movie to watch due to any impending and somewhat depressing descent into madness, rather a movie in which a giant shark jumps into the sky to eat a jumbo jet.

Buy me another (bad) shark movie if you’d like.



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