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Back again, into the world of the spooky cock monster and it’s spider cuddle mothers. Mostly.

Quite proud of my cosplay in the photo for this one. Yeah me. Mostly.

Get Away From Her, You Cheeky Bugger

Get Away From Her, You Cheeky Bugger

Right then, I just found a Mars bar in the cupboard so I’m happy. Let’s DO THIS THING! Tonight I am watching the Director’s Cut version, which kinda sends my viewing order of the Alien and Predator films a bit skew-wiffy because this is a 1991 version of the 1986 film and Predator is 1987 so yeah, it’s all so confusing and fuck it I’ve got a whisk and there’s a garden chair on my head. Mostly.


I think I promised an Aliens/Predator movie night marathon a while back, and as much as I enjoy lying to you all, there’s bugger all else on telly this week, so here you go.

Movie Number One. Alien. The 1979 Theatrical release because the 2003 Director’s cut has too many stupid new bits that fudge up the franchise continuity. Also there’s a bloody Ridley Scott introduction and he can fuck right off. Sat there, saying how good he is. Shut up Ridley. With your downtrodden face.

Anyway. Alien.


Also, while you’re there, see how I made a place for the ironing board to go on the door to my mancave? That’s my Automotive Engineering degree in action, that is. No you shut up.


Ready for another book review? Good. Because here’s one.

Four planes crash on the same day, in different parts of the world. On three of those flights, a single child inexplicably survives, and a mysterious voice recording from a dying passenger sets off a chain of events that could harbour the end of the world as we know it.

That’s the premise of THE THREE, a spooky supernatural thriller from Sarah Lots, out now in Hardback.

The Three by Sarah Lotz

The Three by Sarah Lotz

The book is written in the style of novel extracts, webchats, interviews and newspaper articles, each following various characters as they deal with the spooky goings on related to the survivors, as well as the fallout from an American Pastor outing the children as heralds of the apocalypse. (more…)

Here’s some random picturey goodness to keep you amused…
Firstly a little Xmassy number (yes, I know it’s a bit late)

Some free (albeit slimy and slightly freudian) hugs

Transformers humour. No you don’t need to get this.

My current twitter avatar. (took me two bloody hours)