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Check out this here post I just gone done writted for The Old Oilhouse about klassic 90s kartoon, Mortal Kombat – Defenders of the Realm…


Seriously, this was my face watching it.

Click the link HERE to go and have a look. Please

If you guys think its not too terrible I might put some more effort in and do episode number 2. But you’ll really have to convince me. Like with sweets or something. But not kola kubes. I hate those.

So, the trailer for the new Avengers movie has been leaked (or officially released, I’m no expert on such things) and I imagine by this point hundreds, if not twelves, of websites will have looked through the trailer, over-analysing every single frame and offering their ‘expert’ opinions and speculation and such. Well, obviously I’m going to do the same, but with the added addition of my knowledge and brain and fingers that type the words I type. (more…)

Hello there all you crazy alcoholics and party revellers and Predator fans and people who clicked this blog because I have included the words MILEY CYRUS JUSTIN BIEBER BOOBS MONEY PORN HADDOCK to abuse Google searching. Tonight’s movie night continues my Aliens/Predator marathon with the much-better-than-anyone-expected Predators, which abandons the godawful shonky shenanigans of the AvP movies and goes down the route of “Why don’t we make the film actually good for a change?”

Now obviously, after the last couple of movies, this leaves me with a dilemma, how do I write an entertaining movie night blog if the movie isn’t fucknawful? Well, the same way anyone makes a good night into a messy blur of awesomesauce and vomiting, with the addition of lots and lots of alcohol.

Predators (more…)

So now we find ourselves biting the bullet and beginning the cinematic mush that is Alien Vs Predator, in which everyone’s favourite penis–headed monsters battle everyone’s favourite vagina-mouthed space hunters.


Now obviously it won’t take too much effort to guess my opinion of this film, so tonight, for lulz I have invited Gem to watch the movie with me, and will document her observations and questions. Because that’ll be more fun than the film, right?

Bearing in mind that Gem doesn’t like any of the Alien films. Or any of the Predator films. Or any good films. (more…)

So. The results of that poll I did last week (last week? Maybe the week before, time flies when you’re refusing to look at poll results because you can guess the outcome) and entirely unpredictably, you’re all a bunch of bastards and chose Mamma Mia! as my next Movie Night choice. Thanks. Thanks a fucking lot. I trusted you and you’ve ruined it. RUINED IT. Ugggh. But y’know, despite it’s flaws, I’m still a big fan of democracy so I will abide by your stupid fucking decision. Mamma Mia! it is.

Bunch of bastards.

Bunch of bastards.


So, here’s a new thing. A week late for Shark Week, I’ve linked up with my nigh-on-identical brother from another mother, Timey to sort out a commentary for the ‘epic’ ‘movie’ ‘classic’ from SyFy known as SHARKNADO 2 – The Second One.


Sharknado 2

So, teaming up with my funky amigos, Neal, Nicole and Chris to talk over this messy wowshit, although we do go quiet whenever there’s a news report because NEWS IS IMPORTANT.  (more…)

Well, it’s movie night again, and what better way to follow Night of the Living Dead than with a double bill of Mamma Mia and Dirty Dancing. No, obviously not. Get your groove on to The Gonk, it’s Dawn of the Dead, people!

Dawn of the Dead