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So, it seems that despite the curmudgeonly efforts of my generation, mobile phone games continue to be more than just Snake II, getting more advanced and fun with every passing day. The latest offering in the endless stream of games that my six-year old daughter, Megan will play at full volume next to my sleeping face at 5:30AM is Cooking Fever, a restaurant simulation game, that requires good time management and the ability not to get stressed.

So, who better to ask to review this game than Megan, on day release from her work down t’pit. (this is Yorkshire, after all)…

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Those lovely people over at Nutri-Plan have said I can run a giveaway for some of their fancy Tea-Tox detox teabags. Yay!
Now, normally I’d have a bit of fun and make you do some colouring in or whatever but 1. My last competition got 4 entries and the winner was in a foreign country and didn’t want the prize and 2. I’m really bloody tired.


Win 2 weeks worth of this stuff!

So, I’m experimenting with that there Rafflecopter thing, with all it’s boxes to fill in and that. Please let me know if you like this sort of thing, because I honestly think it makes me into a bit of a whore.

The prize? A fortnight’s worth of Tea-Tox teabags!
The people who want to give you this prize? Those lovely people at Nutriplan!

CLICK HERE TO ENTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’d do the fancy embedding thing but WordPress is either being deliberately faffy with HTML or I’m rubbish. I’m rubbish.

Good luck!

Hello you funky fresh rabbits, want to win a set of tickets to the Hogsozzle music festival? It’s a ridiculous event full of music, food and fancy dress shenanigans, based in Hertford, just outside of London…

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Hello again,

So, you probably think, having read all my twitter posts and blog posts and such that I’m pretty weird, and you seem to be OK with that. I mean, you never invite me to parties or whatever, but that’s FINE. The thing is, a lot of people on the internet are bloody idiots and like to do a bit of bullying of people who are a bit different.



Hiya, sorry it’s been so long getting anything typed up on here, I’ve been so busy being a real life grown up person, I’ve not got anything awesome done. (Although I did eat half a tin of corned beef yesterday as penance).

So, the results for the erotic short story contest, well, we have a clear winner, so over to Olly Murs and Caroline Fludge with the results…

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Oh look, there you are. Showing your face at last.
I know what you’ve been up to, all these slightly more adult blog posts I’ve been doing, what with the snug underpants and the erotic stories, you’ve gone and completely messed up your bed again. I shouldn’t be surprised, it was all very hardcore and rude, still… those sheets are stained to buggery now.

Don’t worry, though. It’s fine. FINE. I’ve teamed up Justice League style with the funky peoples at who can help you out with your problem. No, not that problem, you should see a doctor about that. The problem of needing some new sheets, duvet cover, and… your pillow cases too!? Good god what have you been up to?


eLinens are running a competition in which you can win free bedding for life, so you can update your bedclothes using a voucher for their site once a year for the rest of your life.


Hello everyone. Here’s a bit of a contest for you.

I want to read your Erotic Stories. No particular reason, I just think it’d be fun.

UPDATE – Watch the erotic stories and vote for your favourite now HERE!