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So, it seems that despite the curmudgeonly efforts of my generation, mobile phone games continue to be more than just Snake II, getting more advanced and fun with every passing day. The latest offering in the endless stream of games that my six-year old daughter, Megan will play at full volume next to my sleeping face at 5:30AM is Cooking Fever, a restaurant simulation game, that requires good time management and the ability not to get stressed.

So, who better to ask to review this game than Megan, on day release from her work down t’pit. (this is Yorkshire, after all)…

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The lovely people at are a non-profit organisation who exist to promote the benefits and general awesomeness of canned food.

Not only is stocking up on canned food a sensible precaution in the event of a zombie apocalypse, it’s also cost effective, causes less waste than constantly buying fresh stuff, and there are all kinds of different varieties of things available, from meat and veg to cake in custard, soup to all-day breakfast.

I’m a great lover of canned stuff, mainly because I spent £12 on a tin opener one time and I want to get my money’s worth.


Hello there you, are you thirsty? Well, shut up and wait til the end of this here review and I’ll treat you to a drink.

So, with the help of my daughter Jess (10) we have been having a looking at an extract of the brand new Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book, Old School by Jeff Kinney, out on the 3rd November. We’ve only had 10 pages to read, but I thought it’d be nice to let you know what we think about it so you can go an excitedly pre-order it HERE.

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You know what people are always saying to me? They’re saying “Fudgey, when you’re slicing things, you take ages. Why do you take so long slicing things?” and I tell them it’s because the knife I’m using is as blunt as James Blunt’s wit when he searches his name on Twitter.

Well, not any more. Not with my brand new toy, RazorRed’s Best Knife Sharpener, a dinky little thing that now means my kitchen is the most dangerous place in the world.

RazorRed Knife Sharpener (more…)

Who would win the World Cup if it depended on their National Sausages?

That’s the question posed by The Great British BBQ, as they celebrate the World Cup in the best possible way: by comparing each competing nation’s sausages and seeing which is the tastiest, meatiest and most flavoursome of all the sausages.


So, how does the English Lincolnshire Sausage fare against the might of the Spanish Chorizo or the German Bratwurst? See the excitement unfold in awesome 2 dimensions as the fixtures are updated daily, and the winner can ultimately be crowned as El Sausegeo 2014. Although why someone would put a crown on a sausage is beyond me. To be fair, I’d just eat the sausage. (more…)

Hey folks, an update on the Better with Brita campaign from a few weeks back. They’re still on the lookout for recipes using filtered water and lovely natural ingredients.

Here’s their words, which are much less splurged than the ones I type…

Better with BRITA recipe
We’d like you to be creative and make your own Better with BRITA recipe, ensuring that filtered water is a main ingredient to showcase the benefits of BRITA filters.

Whether you choose to make a soup, something delicious using stock or discover the difference when simply boiling and poaching your food in filtered water.
Using filtered water reduces the unwanted substances found in tap water (like chlorine and heavy metals) that can often affect the flavour of your ingredients, resulting in food and drink that tastes just the way it ought to.

Oh, and apparently I have to enter the competition too. Sigh.


Hello there. How are you? Good, I’m fine. Here is a review of a frying pan.

So… 10″ of stainless steel frying pan, coated in Eterna, the world’s longest lasting 100% PFOA-free non-stick coating developed in the USA. Now, don’t go shouting at me “Oi! That’s where He-Man lives!”, because it isn’t. Don’t be silly. Anyway… shush, read the review.

Stainless Steel Earth Pan by Ozeri

Stainless Steel Earth Pan by Ozeri