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Ahem. Excuse me. Hello. I’m reviewing some underpants today.


These are Chaffree Mens Boxer Shorts made from COOLMAX (Their caps lock, not mine) Performance Fabric and are SPECIAL (My caps lock, not theirs).


Shoes. Basically, a bag made of cow that you put on your feet to stop you getting muddy feet when you’re walking to the shop to buy crisps. I’m not one of those people who goes out of their way to get nice shoes, I’ve had the same pair of trainers for three years, and even though they’re full of holes and have no grip left on the bottom, they’re really comfy and I hope to keep them for ever (or at least until Gem throws them out). I guess I’m kind of a Northern curmudgeon in that respect, the most I’ve ever paid for a pair of shoes for myself was £12, and that was because all the other shops were shut and there was a funeral or something in an hour.

So, when I get asked to review Base London’s AW15 (Autumn/Winter 2015. Took me a while to work that out. No you shut up) I’m somewhat half expecting the population of Huddersfield to form a lynch mob and burn me in a wicker man. just like Edward Woodward, and absolutely nothing like Nicholas Cage. That said, having had these shoes for a couple of weeks (because I am slow at getting round to writing reviews) I can honestly say that I am converted to the lifestyle of fancy designer shoe wearers.



Sometimes I like to browse the, looking for things to write about, things to review and such. Well, one day I see a nice assignment for reviewing some new trainers. In my naiive mind I think to myself, oh that’d be a fun thing to write about, I’d like to give a pair of trainers a go, my current trainers are a bit past it, they let in water, I can’t run in them without blisters popping up and popping out everywhere. This would be a good blog opportunity for me.

I forget that sometimes I shouldn’t tell Gem that I have to review fancy new trainers, because she wants to try some new trainers because I always get stuff for me to review. It doesn’t matter that it’s my bloody blog and the last thing I got to review thinking of her, she refused to try out because she said it turned the whole experience into a science experiment.20150228_130952

Anyway, as I am under the thumb, or rather, boot of the missus, I now present to you my review of her new Running Shoes from Asics.


So, as part of my month long slightly vague theme of ‘New Year New Fudge’, I figured one way to do some sort of self-improvement is to improve my wardrobe. Now, I don’t normally keep jackets in the wardrobe as they normally get put on hooks by the front door, but I got a jacket. So here is a review of a jacket.

Monsoon Shell Jacket)

So, it’s winter, windy and wet and cold and rubbish and your missus has told you she wants cheesecake and the car won’t start. Obviously she’s not going to stop complaining until you go to the Co-op and buy cheesecake, so what do you do, hot shot, WHAT DO YOU DO? (more…)

There are only a few times in my life when I feel utter dread. One is getting a phone call from the kids’ school in the middle of the day, another is the smoke alarm going off at 3 in the morning, but worse than all of these are when you see written on her Christmas wish list the following three words…

‘Bra and Pants’

Diagram One - Bras and Pants. On Ladies.

Diagram One – Bras and Pants. On Ladies.

Yeah, so I have an utter fear of lingerie shops, where everything is made of lace and silk, things come in some sort of arbitrary size system that makes little to no sense, where things come with accessories that look like something you see in German videos on the internet, and you live in fear of accidentally falling into a shelf and making all the pants and stuff fly everywhere.

Well, now those feelings of dread and terror have come to an end with BOUX AVENUE’S BUYING GUIDE FOR MEN TO LINGERIE. Which isn’t just an excuse to have photos of ladies in sexy pants to attract more male readers.

but, y'know... if it works...

but, y’know… if it works…

So, fellas, if you’re stuck with the Christmas mission of dressing your missus in something sexy and skimpy, have a look at that there guide, which has info about sizes, styles as well as links to all those faffy accessories and stuff that girls like to wear for you when they accidentally blew up the toaster and don’t want you to be mad at them. With this funky guide, you’re guaranteed to impress her, and won’t have to put up with her wearing those godawful cream granny pants to bed every other night.

I can't think of a caption for this. Nothing clean anyway.

I can’t think of a caption for this. Nothing clean anyway.

Also, if you get yourself across to before the 22nd December, you’ll still be able to get your presents delivered before Christmas, so there’s no need to get your knickers in a twist. Yeah, I went there.

Hi there, you lot.

It’s review time again, and as you’ve come to expect from me. It’s a review of something extremely macho and manly and…

Oh, wait…. Meg’s here.


She wants to review fairy lights. Manly fairy lights?

Magical Butterfly Fairy Lights.

Well. The Boss has spoken. I guess we’ll have to write a blog about drills and moustache trimmers in another blog, it’s time to review…


Blaze On Butterflies Box

I may not win many Man Points for this review, but my Dad Points are going through the roof.






All those words you use to describe that ‘crazy’ guy at the office party who drinks Pernod and Blackcurrant and is the first to run to the dancefloor if anything from the mid-late 90s rave scene is played.

Well, meet that guy’s shirt…

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I give you‘s Dress Shirt (with the Classic Collar), a one-in-a-million shirt made from a completely random mixture of patterns, for the man that likes to look just that little bit different and special. (more…)