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Yeaah, so this took like a week to edit. Good fucking Christ.

Enjoy. Sorry.

Drunk Monopoly Part One

Posted: Apr 21, 2020 in Fudgecrumpet

Here’s a video I spent farrrrr too long editing, and much more time regretting…

Why don’t I have more YouTube subscribers?


So, I made a gaming video, it took 24 hours to download, edit, process and upload, and nobody is going to watch it, but there we go…

I would absolutely love a like, a subscribe and a comment, but y’know, whatever Trevor.

Oh, and buy my half-arsed merch.

Bye then.

Unlimited Faffery

Posted: Apr 14, 2020 in Fudgecrumpet

Hello. How are you? Enjoying not being able to go to McDonalds? Me neither.

I’m just posting this to pass the time while I wait for YouTube to process a video I livestreamed so I can download it, synch it up to a recently processed Zoom meeting that was livestreamed at the same time and then edit it all together into what is no doubt 4 minutes of quick-cut mediocrity.

So basically I’m just juggling a lot of someone else’s balls trying to get something to work.

Just thought I’d share that. Go and click Subscribe on my YouTube channel station base headquarters studio, where hopefully things will sort themselves out. Cheers.

Remember that last post I wrote? I’m sure you do, you read it and shared it on all your social networks and posted a comment and everything. No?

Oh, well, the gist was that I suggested people send me shark movies and then people sent me shark movies. I put quite a bit of effort in, I made a little video and everything. No?



This is a story that begins with boobies.

We’re gonna need a bigger bra.


My missus is a ruddy great history nerd. She has a secret folder on her laptop full of topless photos of Dan Snow and completely ruined the latest Robin Hood movie by pointing out that the commoners shouldn’t be wearing purple hoodies.

So, the opportunity to review a copy of Bernard Cornwell’s new book was an ideal way for me to get in her good books after swearing at her while building Lego at the weekend, and also a fantastic way to keep her quiet for a while so I can build Lego.

This review launches a blog tour of reviews and articles related to these books, because if you’re going to advertise your epic historical novel, why not start the ball rolling with a poorly maintained blog written by a guy who wouldn’t know history if it jumped out in front of him, waggling its tentacles or whatever.