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The pseudoscience that lives on the internet says the human body renews itself once every seven years, so I can righteously say that on the 7th anniversary of the self-publication of my incredibly slapdash collection of blog posts and potentially funny rants, someone else wrote this shit, not me.


Are you sitting comfortably? Well, don’t. Sitting comfortably is bad for your posture.

Now, listen, as I read you a lovely bedtime story, based on the movie Disney’s Frozen, which if you are a parent, you will despise with the very core of your soul.

Oh, and it’s 11 minutes long, so sit comfortably. Yes, I’m contrary.

Apologies for the vertical video and that.

If you liked that, let me know, and I’ll do more. Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel, because I dunno why.

The internet is constantly flooded with new words, acronyms and phrases, YOLO, Justin Bieber, etc, all of them seemingly invented for the youth of today. But what about the unyouth (see below)? Don’t we deserve our own ultra-fancy lingo? No we don’t, but here I go anyway…


A Barry is an angry vagina. The kind that bites.
Example – “my goodness, she had a Barry.”, “Stop being a Barry”

Barry Sponge
A sanitary towel, other terms include Barry Mouse (tampon), Barry Carpet (unkempt pubic mop) and Barry Scott (Bang and the dirt is gone)

Ok, so I’m sure Justin Bieber is a lovely person and his songs are only shit because I don’t have a prepubescent vagina between my legs, and i’m sure most of his fans are lovely, stable individuals with great taste in harmless fluffy music.
What this term refers to are the crazy ones, the ones who hijack the internet with their creepy stalkerish obsession with the guy. They enter a rabid state of anger, bursting into tears and misspelled swear words if you comment in a negative manner towards their icon.
The sooner they get eaten by bears, the better.

Get An Ears!
Originally used as an insult by a lithuanian, this is now the official greeting of the unyouth of today, and can also be used as an expression of disgust, pleasure or completely out of any context. Because we are too cool to make sense.
“that song is pisspoor.”
“You can’t do that with a wallaby!”
“Did you call David with regards to the Trampletech Account?”

A posh, milky coffee from Yorkshire.

Where My Keys and Ph- oh fuck off!
Used when you inadvertently get in a situation where you have lost your keys or your mobile phone and some uncanny wanker decides to start singing an out of date Britain’s Got Talent song that is up there with Joe Pasquale’s “I know a song that’ll get on your nerves”.

Just as the undead arent really dead, or alive, unyouth is the state most online folk seem to inhabit, ageing uncontrollably, but continuing to act like a child because its either that or turn into a miserable sod.
For example preferring cartoons to tv dramas, playing with Lego instead of smoking a pipe, or looking at boobs instead of reading the Independent.
Like the undead, most of society considers this repulsive and aims to wipe the unyouth from the earth by any means necessary. However, again, like the undead, they are an unstoppable force and will end up eating their brains.
Or maybe not…

Something that is so shit it deserves a WOW.
For example,
The movie ‘Biggles – Adventures in Time’.
The music of Busted.
The in-between-rounds funny banter on Countdown.

You Only Live Twice.
Like YOLO, but for people who like James Bond.

And that’s your lot. For now. Probably ever.