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As part of my New Year, New Fudge vague theme for the blog this month, I thought a bit of the old fitness and health stuff might be fun. Well, I say fun, I rarely have fun with fitness and such, being as I am a fan of sitting around playing video games in a Spider-Man onesie for most days (and nights once I’ve finished working through my Walking Dead boxset). Still, for the sake of this blog, and being allowed to sleep somewhere other than the sofa, a little bit of exercise and dieting won’t hurt. It helps that I have a couple of related products to review too, shush.

So, what do we have first? We have this…
Measupro OximeterThe Measupro OX100 Pulse Oximeter. A fancy little gadget that you put on your finger. It measures your pulse rate and using some sort of fancy infra-red magic (science I don’t understand) it measures the oxygen saturation of your blood. Now, I showed the above picture to the best doctor I know (Dr Ranj from cBeebies, he sings songs about poo and cold sores to puppets) and he said it looked good and I am not going to die or anything. So that’s nice.


So last week, I went on a health and safety course, and I learned all about asbestos and manual handling and other things. Naturally, I had to do it because I work with sharp things, drills, chisels, my wit, etc. but if you’re a humble office worker, perhaps you’re typing up minutes to a meeting about the sales figures of Oats So Simple porridge, should you be so concerned with health and safety?


Of course you bloody should, and to bring this to your attention, 3M have launched a campaign called ‘Wise Choices’, and have employed Ewen Macintosh from The Office to star as Barry, an inept, and quite dangerous office purchasing manager, displaying the disregard to health and safety shown by many an office worker. I remember on my year out from uni, my manager has a similar attitude. He’s probably dead now. Well, maybe he’s dead. OK, so he’s probably not dead, but if he had have been dead, well that would have made my point much clearer. (more…)