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I liked it. Fuck you.

Remember that last post I wrote? I’m sure you do, you read it and shared it on all your social networks and posted a comment and everything. No?

Oh, well, the gist was that I suggested people send me shark movies and then people sent me shark movies. I put quite a bit of effort in, I made a little video and everything. No?



I went to the pictures on Sunday and I watched a movie called Ad Astra with my mate Chris. It was a pile of arse.


Hey peeps, just thought I’d thrust your eyes towards The Reel Deal to see a couple more reviews I’ve done. (more…)

Movie review time again, and joy of joys this one has a topless lady stock image for me to use as clickbait.


So yeah, over on The Reel Deal I’ve reviewed The Loft, a remake of a Belgian (no, come back!) movie in which Judge Dredd, Cyclops and the guy off of Prison Break get up to all sorts of shenanigans in their secret shagpad, and there are lots of twists and frowning.

Go and have a look. If you want. I know you’re not really bothered and youve only clicked this link because there’s a nudey lady photo. Pervert.

Hey peeps, more third party pimpery for your viewing pleasure. This time around it is a review of classic Blacksploitation revenge thriller Coffy, starring Pam Grier and Robocop’s boss dressed like a crazy fool.


No, YOU'RE using this pic purely as clickbait.

Find the review HERE and give the rest of The Reel Deal a good old fashioned browse while you’re there.

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More outpouring of my typing nonsense, this time for The Reel Deal, a review of 1967’s Massacre Gun, a cool japanese revenge thriller which features a fantastic display of bullet-fuelled-death-disco…