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Let’s write some words based upon 3-word topic suggestions by the people of twitter!

Let’s not get stroppy when some of the people can’t count to three!

Furious Bloggery!



So, I’ve been mucking about on StumbleUpon this past week or so, experiencing some of the more random, but also awesome corners of the internet. One thing that I keep finding are random little short movies, horror, sci-fi, comedy, weirdness, so basically, I thought you’d want to have a look too. Seeing as you have nothing better to do than read this nonsense.

So yeah, here’s the Fudge’s Movie Night Shorts Special! (more…)

Who would win the World Cup if it depended on their National Sausages?

That’s the question posed by¬†The Great British BBQ, as they celebrate the World Cup in the best possible way: by comparing each competing nation’s sausages and seeing which is the tastiest, meatiest and most flavoursome of all the sausages.


So, how does the English Lincolnshire Sausage fare against the might of the Spanish Chorizo or the German Bratwurst? See the excitement unfold in awesome 2 dimensions as the fixtures are updated daily, and the winner can ultimately be crowned as El Sausegeo 2014. Although why someone would put a crown on a sausage is beyond me. To be fair, I’d just eat the sausage. (more…)

This here’s Scrounge, he’s an obscure Transformer from the 80’s Marvel comics.

He is basically a cannon-fodder character who gets his arm ripped off, and then gets melted. Poor guy. He transforms into a wheel. Ooh.

As far as I know, noone has ever made a toy of this guy.

(Forgive the roughness of the pic, it’s only a pencil sketch, I rarely get round to inking my stuff, and tend to destroy them when I get round to colouring)