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Merry bloody Christmas, folks. Ho ho ho, you hoes.

So, you’ve bought yourself the Radio Times double issue, you’ve got yourself a multipack of capri-sun* pouches that you’re steadfastly refusing to open until the big day, and your Christmas tree is upright for the fourth time since the cat/kids/poor structural engineering of your house knocked it down.

*booze for you non-teetotallers.


So, I guess it’s Christmas. A few days off work, should be nice and relaxing, watching your playing Candy Crush Soda Saga on the toilet, while hiding from the kids.
Then the missus comes in the room, in her low cut top which means she wants to get her own way.
“We need to go Christmas shopping.” She says.
“You did all the Christmas shopping in November, because you were saying how efficient and awesome you were.” You reply.
“I bought shoes.” She says. “And a cheesecake.”
You mumble all the swear words and kick the cat, who squeals angrily and pulls down the Christmas tree.


Yes, it’s nearly Hallowe’en, so what better time to review a fantastic service to get your kids believing in the magic of Christmas, with Lapland Mailroom’s Letters from Santa.

Lapland Mailroom


Here’s some random picturey goodness to keep you amused…
Firstly a little Xmassy number (yes, I know it’s a bit late)

Some free (albeit slimy and slightly freudian) hugs

Transformers humour. No you don’t need to get this.

My current twitter avatar. (took me two bloody hours)