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I’ve finished off Scrounge. Here’s some pics…
I’ve painted him with antique gold acrylic paint, with bronze for his upper arms and various details.
His eyes are bits of a TF notebook I got free, and are lenticular, which not only gives the toy’s eyes a bit of texture, also ‘glow’ red from a certain angle.
The Autobot symbol on his chest is another TF mag freebie, and matches the proportions on the comics version, although slightly overlaps the bottom of the chest section.
I’ll try and get my vid showing him off uploaded somewhere so you can have a looksie at him.
Anyway, that’s it for my kitbash. My next project will be to try and make a Tranformers Animated Style Prowl costume for Jess, using spare bits of mini-moto I’ve got lying around by the shed. Although I’ll probably have to get permission off of Jess to let me use her as a guinea pig first…
Anyway, I’m off to wear the missus’ shoes now, because they need stretching. not because I’m kinky.
Hullo again. Thunked I’d just keep folks updated on my general plans and such, mainly because I can’t think of anything funny to say today.
You know that there Scrounge pic I posted the other day, right? Well, it got me thinking about how to actually get him to work as an actual toy.

The robot mode’s pretty simple, He’s a basic humanoid robot type shape, and the only problem I can forsee is getting the head right.
The problems begin if I want to go the whole hog and make him actually transform…

Yes, he transforms into a wheel. A chuffing wheel. That has no resemblance to his robot mode.
I’ve been searching around, and I’ve seen a couple of toys that could work, one being a ridiculously shite thing from Power Rangers.

He’s called Tackleman, as far as I can guess (there were a lot of random jap-translated-to-english-by-fans type words hanging around the site, so I’m probably wrong). Yes, he’s a wheel, but he’s also incredibly rubbish.

His wheel mode is pretty much perfect, but his robot leaves a lot to be desired. Scrounge’s tummy wouldn’t be that round, he’s supposed to be a scrawny little get, not a tubby american footballer.

Another idea that was suggested by one of the lovely folk over at was to use the Star Wars Transformers General Grevious Wheel Bike. Now, this guy’s wheel mode is almost right, I’d need to find a way to hide those legs, and those spikes would need to come off, but this one is definitely do-able. His robot mode to quite messy looking, but again I can see it working. I think I’d probably give Scrounge a bit more of a neck, which I think Grevious is lacking. The main problem with this one, is that I can’t find the bloody thing anywhere (actually, that’s a lie, there’s one on eBay for £40, which is silly money). If anyone sees one for cheapish, please let me know. Cheers.

My other option is to start from scratch, get the most basic TF I can find and do my best with a hammer and sellotape. This is not a good idea.

Anyway, that’s just my brain thinking out loud, any help or advice you’ve got to offer on this subject would be great. Cheers

This here’s Scrounge, he’s an obscure Transformer from the 80’s Marvel comics.

He is basically a cannon-fodder character who gets his arm ripped off, and then gets melted. Poor guy. He transforms into a wheel. Ooh.

As far as I know, noone has ever made a toy of this guy.

(Forgive the roughness of the pic, it’s only a pencil sketch, I rarely get round to inking my stuff, and tend to destroy them when I get round to colouring)