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Let’s write some words based upon 3-word topic suggestions by the people of twitter!

Let’s not get stroppy when some of the people can’t count to three!

Furious Bloggery!



Check out this here post I just gone done writted for The Old Oilhouse about klassic 90s kartoon, Mortal Kombat – Defenders of the Realm…


Seriously, this was my face watching it.

Click the link HERE to go and have a look. Please

If you guys think its not too terrible I might put some more effort in and do episode number 2. But you’ll really have to convince me. Like with sweets or something. But not kola kubes. I hate those.

Well, it’s movie night again, and what better way to follow Night of the Living Dead than with a double bill of Mamma Mia and Dirty Dancing. No, obviously not. Get your groove on to The Gonk, it’s Dawn of the Dead, people!

Dawn of the Dead


So just for the sake of something to do while the missus ignores me, I thought I might start another Movie Night Marathon type thing. Something that I’m not normally allowed to watch, especially after I’ve had cheese for supper. So here goes…

Night of the Living Dead




So, yeah, the new Transformers movie arrives at our cinemas on Saturday (two weeks later than America because apparently football occurred). So, as some kind of funky build up, I have four special Fudge’s Movie Nights planned.

Oh yes…
Movie Night - TRANSFORMERS!!!!

…and I’m wearing my Spider-Man onesie. I have my reasons.


Because sometimes I just feel the urge to collect all my silly photoshop efforts in one place…

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With the news that in the upcoming live Monty Python shows, John Cleese will be unable to do the Ministry of Funny Walks sketch due to his bad old-man knees, let’s have a ponder as to what else to expect from this poorly advised trip down nostalgia lane…