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Hi there everyone,

Just thought I’d let you guys watch a little video all about nutrition, especially for kids during the first 1000 days of their life (That’s about 2 years and 9 months, in case you didn’t just use a calculator like I just did). It’s packed with useful info about childhood obesity, swapping out sugar, what you should eat when you’re pregnant or breast feeding. It’s all very informative and well presented. You can tell I didn’t make it.


This isn’t the video, stop clicking on it. The video is at the bottom of all this well-crafted hilarious blog writing.

Obviously this interests me a fair deal, because I have one of those babies that happen currently asleep upstairs, waiting until I am at my most asleep and comfortable before kicking off asking for milk. I mean, I’m trying to get the other two kids to eat more healthy too, but if I make a fuss about that and they rebel, we’re gonna have riots in the streets, vampire/werewolf marriages, sequels to Mary Poppins, basically Armageddon in a handbag. (more…)

Hey there, how are you? Do anything you regretted last night? Of course you did.
Had too many boozes and ate a kebab made of animals that may or may not be Yaks? Yeah, I wouldn’t put it past you.
Cop off with that girl with the big wart that covers half of her left eye, accidentally calling her Mum as you grope her hairy buttocks? Yeah, twice in one week, and still you don’t call her.

Still it could be worse…

Perhaps you went down a backstreet alley and got a tattoo of your best friend’s private parts on your tummy? Ok, maybe you didn’t go that far, but what if you did? Tattoos are all permanent and if they’re awful, well, you either have to get them covered up with the inky version of drawing rocket thrusters onto a cock and balls to make it look like a spaceship or…


So, we’ve all been there, out shopping with the kids and they see a pair of designer trainers that they want. Then you look at the price. Then you book yourself into the clinic so you can sell your kidneys.


Well, now that situation has changed, with the introduction of the Rock Your Kicks kit, the ultimate paint kit to transform a pair of boring, plain sneakers or canvas trainers into something beautiful and unique and looking like you’ve sold your kidneys to pay for them. (more…)

So, the Better with Brita campaign has been completed, and I’m pleased to be able to share the winners with you, and their fantastic creations.

The aim of the BETTER WITH BRITA Campaign is  to discover cooks, bakers and food makers from across the country who shared BRITA’s passion for reading great food as it ought to be. Each of the entrants used filtered water to get the best taste possible and you should have already read my post announcing the top 10 shortlist. I even did a recipe that I entered myself, although it was bloody awful because I’m more a Super-Noodle sandwich kinda guy.

Better with Brita Final


Some people say this blog is all ‘me me me’ and well, it kinda is, but sometimes I have the uncontrollable urge to pimp out other people who I think are awesome or who need their shit promoting or who paid me $5 to tell you they’re awesome on fiverr because I am a dirty whore. Well, that’s what this new feature type thing I’ve started will do. Admittedly, it might just be a one-shot, but y’know, it might work.

So without further faffery…

#1 Vikki Greer
AKA @TheBrakesy
AKA Horace The Vice Chancellor and Underlord of Sussex*



Hey folks, just thought I’d let you know that the Better with Brita competition, that I’m sure you joined in with and entered, well, the shortlist of potential winners has been released and I thought I’d point you in that direction so you can see why quite obviously I’m not on there.

Every wondered what Halo’s heroic lead character gets up to when he’s not wearing his iconic helmet and having a day off? Well this short movie finds out.