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So, I managed to read a book in under a week, which is kinda YAY me. Time for a review in the second book in Soman Chainani’s The School For Good and Evil series, A World Without Princes.

A World Without Princes

A World Without Princes


Hows about we do a bit of a book review today, sounds good? Yes, yes it does.


By Soman Chainani
with Illustrations by Iacopo Bruno.

Every four years, two children are kidnapped from the village of Gavaldon, and magically transported to the mysterious School For Good and Evil. One child is intended to go on to be the hero or heroine in a fairy-tale story, the other the villain.
This time round blonde, pretty princess-type Sophie and her friend, graveyard-dwelling, dark-goth-type Agatha are taken, but seemingly placed in the wrong schools. Sophie ends up in the nightmarish Evil School and Agatha is forced into the Good school, inhabited by shallow, beautiful people.

The girls’ attempts to swap to the ‘correct’ schools only end in disaster, and as their story unfolds, they discover that maybe they are in the right school after all, leaving the biggest mystery of all… who is writing all the stories?

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