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So, I’m back home from the pictures, having seen that new robot fillum that folk seem to be talking about. You know the one…


This one.

So, I guess you’d like to know what I thought about it, with a minimal of spoilers, right? Right. Here goes then… (more…)

Night number four of my exodus into Transformer Moviedom, and the Spider-Man onesie is getting fairly ripe. Fortunately, nobody is in the room to smell me, and anyway, we’ve been decorating all this week so any weird smells I’m gonna blame on the paint fumes.

So, the last of the Transformers movies before Age of Extinction, which comes out this weekend, Dark of the Moon.

…in a Transforming Megatron box. Which just looks like someone went a bit mad with a glue gun.


Yes, it’s the third night of wearing a Spider-Man onesie and watching movies about robots punching robots, but y’know, I kinda like that sort of thing. So shush with your judging me.

Tonight’s treat is Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen, arguably the worst of the Transformers movies, although I don’t see many people arguing.

revenge of the ruddy fallen

So, yeah, I paid extra so it’s in a transforming box. Stop tutting at me, I don’t tut at you when you do the thing that you do that is weird.


No particular theme to my blog today, just a bit of a splurge so the blog doesn’t get forgotten about in my head. I figure if I leave it much longer it’ll make it harder to start over again. Kind of like if you stop drinking coffee for a couple of weeks, which I did once, just before Jess was born (Gem wasn’t allowed caffiene or something, and I never just make myself a coffee). Anyway, once you’ve gone off coffee for a few weeks, you lose the need for a caffiene buzz and suddenly it just tastes, smells and just looks a bit brown when someone offers you one. I’m back on coffee now though, mainly because all the ribena i was drinking was making me far too regular.
Anyway, what have I done recently… well, I’ve watched a few films on Blu-Ray (or blue ray, as their ebay auctions stated, hence they were ignored by regular searches and therefore were bargains) – Run Fat Boy Run, Vantage Point and the 2006 remake of The Omen.
Run Fat Boy Run is by far the best film out of this bunch, starting off a bit rubbish but getting gradually better towards the end, with a genuinely satisfying ending.
Vantage Point starts off excellent, but goes and forgets about it’s multi-character-viewpoint gimmick about halfway through and just goes off on a standard action thriller schtick. Oh, and it also reveals who the bad guys are way too early. Just to save you the effort the real bad guy is the man from Lost, and the president who gets shot is just a double. I’ve whited out the spoiler I typed, because I didn’t want people swearing at me. More than normal.
The remake of The Omen is bloody awful, but I’m only saying that in comparison to the original, which in my mind is a bloody wonderful movie. This one basically takes the original, removes the great scary music, makes the death scenes overblown effects extravaganzas and reduces the acting to pulling ‘dull surprise’ faces and getting occasionally sweaty.
Anyway, I’ve shoved Vantage Point and The Omen back on ebay, hopefully they’ll make a bit of cash so I don’t feel completely cheated. RFBR is staying for the time being though, it’s a nice bit of fluff I’ll probably stick on next time I want Jess to go to sleep.

Today we went to the cinema to see Bolt. Gem forced us to see the 2D version, because she was worried it’d give her a headache or somethingnagnagnag, but all in all I don’t think the film needs a 3D gimmick to work. The CGI is as cartoony as ever, but the characters seem to work great, and the hamster is a genius creation. I did however feel that the film would have been so much better if they’d forgotten about the ‘TV dog forced into the real world’ plot and just stuck with the TV show within a film’s plot of a superpowered dog. Sure, it’s derivative 80s toy selling nonsense, but it’d be a cracking movie. This is the second dog themed movie I’ve seen this month, the other being Beverly Hills Chihuahua, which is surprisingly funny. Shame I hate dogs. Well, I don’t hate dogs, they just all want to kill me and eat my face off.
I really need to see a decent bloke film though. Not sure how I’ll convince Gem to see TF2 yet, never mind Terminator or Star Trek (that’ll be a challenge, seeing as she was in labour when Star Trek 9 was on TV, and it’ll probably bring on sympathy pains or something).

Anyway, my laptop’s being a bitch recently so I’m gonna sign off for now before it crashes and I lose all these lovely words I’ve just typed (no great loss to the world, I hear you cry).

See ya later if I feel the need for further splurging.