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Hello. I’ve been watching telly. Here are my thunkings.


With the news that in the upcoming live Monty Python shows, John Cleese will be unable to do the Ministry of Funny Walks sketch due to his bad old-man knees, let’s have a ponder as to what else to expect from this poorly advised trip down nostalgia lane…



Everyone I know should have been told by now, but since every time I mention it, eight more people spout out ‘Whaaaa?’ I thought I might clarify things.

I’m gonna be on BBC Three’s Frankenstein’s Wedding live drama in Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds on the 19th March. I’m going to be there purely in the extra capacity, but I will be wearing my nice suit and I will be doing a dance. Yes, I will be dancing. No, I do like girls. Shush. There’ll be about 1999 other people dancing along too, I’m told, so I won’t be making a complete tit of myself.

Anyway, The dance is to Adele’s Make You Feel My Love (which in my head confuses itself with Texas’ In Demand) and involves various arm movements, neck snapping head lollops and holding hands with strangers. I was told by the man at the dance workshop thing I attended that I have good timing, so that can’t be a completely bad thing.
The dance workshop was initially one of the most nerve racking events of my life, but after walking around in random directions (NOT IN CIRCLES!) and making eye contact with various other equally embarrassed punters, it was actually very enjoyable. So, that’s me recommending you to go and join a dance workshop, first time for everything. Don’t wear your workboots though. Because if you do that, they’ll make you take them off and then everyone will see your Snoopy socks.

So, I expect you all to watch the thing, and no doubt I will nag at you a lot nearer the time to set your sky+ thing or whatever. I might also end up doing some other extra type work on the thing, if I get an email back from the Assistant Director man, so you might also see me engaging in random chit chat with various background characters or giving ribena-that-looks-like-wine to wedding guests, but I’ll keep you posted on that.

Anyway, that be the facts, so now if anyone else asks I am fully within my ability to shout “DID YOU NOT READ MY BLOG? YOU BUFFOOOOOON!!!!” at them, so spittle comes out of my mouth and dribbles down their nose a little bit, stopping just at the tip, because if it touches their lips that’d be too much like kissing.

Right, there you go.