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Live long and prosper everyone, the new series of Doctor Who starts on your telly tonight and who better than me to offer you a useful cut out and keep guide to the franchise? Don’t answer that. Also, don’t cut it out, you’ll break your computer or your phone or whatever. If you must, print it out then cut it out. Or just print it out. You don’t need my permission. Just do what you want.

Anyway, Doctor Who.

Ooh eeh oooooh

Eeee Ooooh

Wee war wooo

Eeeh ar ooooh.

That’s the theme tune. Obviously. Duh.




Right then, it’s competition time again, seeing as you like that sort of thing.


This week, I’m giving away a copy of the new book by Sarah Lotz, The Three, a supernatural thriller that I will be reviewing at some point in the very near future.

The Three by Sarah Lotz

The Three by Sarah Lotz


So, after tweeting constantly through the Eurovision show, my fingers need a rest so, for your visual and audio delights, here is me and my identical twin from another minge, Matt as we talk over the top of all the foreign people giving out scores.
Apologies in advance if we offend anyone, but to be honest I don’t expect many people to actually bother watch us, despite the effort I put into making props and ACTUAL FACTS.

If you’re lucky enough to be watching the thing LIVE, because I managed to work out how to do that, then send us your comments and accusations of racism to @fudgecrumpet and @timey2wimey on twitter, with the hashtag #fudgeyvision

A Treat For You…

Posted: Apr 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

Just thought I’d share this pic with you.


Hi folks, thought I’d put this out there now, so there’s not a sudden wibbly wobbly change in what you’re used to on here.
Basically I’m upping my game at trying to blag free stuff, and will shortly be doing reviews of all kinds of stuff in an attempt to fill my cupboard up with stuff. You can definitely expect a movie review shortly, and a bit of a techy one, as these ones have already been confirmed.
I’ll try and keep everything in the usual style, but obviously I’ll be cutting down the furious ranting, swearing and blatantly mocking stuff. Because otherwise they might stop sending me stuff.

Anyway, while I’m doing such capitalist nonsense, I would appreciate your support, maybe share stuff around, and if I post a link, just click on it, because then the powers that be will be fooled into thinking I’m actually getting some decent traffic to this blog.

I’ll try my best to continue the silly pictures, ranty nonsense and months of stagnant nothingness in between posts, just because that seems to be the sort of thing that gets your rocks off. I have at least one ranty blog worth publishing shortly, in which I question the internet beard perverts. But, that’s another story.

Ahem, also if you are a big business person who just popped on to read this after having a look at one of the reviews I’ve posted in the future, please 1. ignore any of the above where I say I’m in it for the free swag and 2. Send me free swag to review. Also, how is the future? Do we have hovercars yet? Can you send me a crate of Soylent Green, but obviously don’t tell me what it’s made of, because I don’t want to know. Like with those Ikea Hotdogs. Or the movies of Kevin Smith.


So, yeah, sorry everyone.

Seeing as the new series of Game of Thrones is starting on the telly and everyone and their pony is jumping on the bandwagon to make jokes and references and useful guides and that… well, here’s my contribution.


So now you know. And knowing is half the battle. Or about an eighth of the battle, given that you don’t know much more at this point.