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Right, before i get started properly, my Watchmen review (everyone else seems to be doing one)… Bloody good adaptation with too much extra violence, an annoyingly channel 5ish slo mo porn scene and the distraction that is a glowing blue penis just waggling about on screen. Not much point reviewing it to be honest, anyone that’s going to see it has already seen it, and everyone else will wait for the dvd or if They’re smart read the original graphic novel.
Now then, thought i’d blog a bit tonight, seeing as tomorrow is going to be stress day, what with us going to get the official yes on gem being up the duff. It’s one hell of a morning-sickness-style bug gem’s got otherwise. Good god i hate it when she’s all morning sicknessy, which for starters isn’t just in the bloody morning, It’s all day, and occasionally all night. Most of the time she’s just dry hukking, chucking up without actually bringing up anything, which is fine for me, noisy as hell and triggers my guilt nerves, but at least she’s not filling her bucket up with the most foul smelling stuff ever. I’m no good around vomit, and for some reason she thinks that It’s my duty to empty the full, well i say full… It smells full, even if there’s only a splatter… Bucket. Now for any other person this is probably an easy task. For me this is an almost impossible chore, as the stench of sick automatically triggers my gag reflex and sends my tummy into Eject mode quicker than a dodgy bhuna from the local takeaway. But still, i have designed a rudimentary device for stopping the gipping, basically i tie a t-shirt around my face, so i look like a crap ninja, and then i am able to perform my husbandly vomit disposal duties without any risk of myself throwing up. Of course, this only works if i don’t see the sick in the bucket, as for some reason seeing the sick triggers the same results as me smelling it.
Now it seems The only way to keep gem from reaching V-point, the point at which her innocent hurrrking turns to carrot soup city, is too keep her full of toast. So my toaster is on constant standby, and i bought an extra loaf to get us through the night…
Anyway, that’s my morning sickness rantblog done. Back to twitter, which i’ll rant about next time probably. Well, actually It’s a kind of definite, as it seems to be taking control of everything in my life like some crazy 140 worded brain lurgy. Or maybe i’ll realise what a waste of time it is and start bitching about it. Either way, see ya soon!