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From Nick Bellamy’s early experiments with a toy electronics kit through to internet notoriety and career suicide, The Mourning DJ is the new pseudo-autobiography by my top media pal Neal ‘Mayhem’ Veglio.


Well, it’s movie night again, and what better way to follow Night of the Living Dead than with a double bill of Mamma Mia and Dirty Dancing. No, obviously not. Get your groove on to The Gonk, it’s Dawn of the Dead, people!

Dawn of the Dead


Hey folks, an update on the Better with Brita campaign from a few weeks back. They’re still on the lookout for recipes using filtered water and lovely natural ingredients.

Here’s their words, which are much less splurged than the ones I type…

Better with BRITA recipe
We’d like you to be creative and make your own Better with BRITA recipe, ensuring that filtered water is a main ingredient to showcase the benefits of BRITA filters.

Whether you choose to make a soup, something delicious using stock or discover the difference when simply boiling and poaching your food in filtered water.
Using filtered water reduces the unwanted substances found in tap water (like chlorine and heavy metals) that can often affect the flavour of your ingredients, resulting in food and drink that tastes just the way it ought to.

Oh, and apparently I have to enter the competition too. Sigh.


I has made a yummy meat sandwich. nom nom nom.

Here be the video of the creation of a culinary masterpiece…

Hope that’s got you all drooling. Twas yummy yummy in my tummy.