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Here is a video I made. If you like and subscribe I will dedicate my naughty touching tonight to you.

Om nom nom. In Polish


I made another YouTube video. You don’t care. Why do I even bother telling you these things. In fact, if you’d already subscribed to my YouTube you’d already know about it.

Bugger off. You’re no help.


I made a video of some professional videogaming that I done did while dressed as a blueberry.

Tell your friends and mum.

So there you go.

Another vlog, this time chronicling a trip to a trampoline park and Knowlsley Safari Park.


More vlogging because I was told to.

This one features more family activities because apparently you want to watch that.

Like and Subscribe if you want.


Posted: Apr 9, 2019 in Fudgecrumpet

Gem has been watching family based vlogs on YouTube and apparently I “should do that and get millions of viewers and pounds and be famous and shut up it isn’t a stupid idea”.

So, here you go. Here’s me being your favourite Daddy, and not in a sexy way like what you think.