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1. ABBA’s ‘Super Trooper’ refers to a type of stage lighting and not some sort of elite Swedish army soldier.

2. The majority of women DO NOT get belly button fluff, nor know what it tastes like. Some armchair scientists claim this is due to hair or something. I think the women are just lying.

3. I only learned two things and really need to stop ending my blog posts with terrible anti-climaxes.

So, after tweeting constantly through the Eurovision show, my fingers need a rest so, for your visual and audio delights, here is me and my identical twin from another minge, Matt as we talk over the top of all the foreign people giving out scores.
Apologies in advance if we offend anyone, but to be honest I don’t expect many people to actually bother watch us, despite the effort I put into making props and ACTUAL FACTS.

If you’re lucky enough to be watching the thing LIVE, because I managed to work out how to do that, then send us your comments and accusations of racism to @fudgecrumpet and @timey2wimey on twitter, with the hashtag #fudgeyvision