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Right then, we’re motoring through these quickie reviews, aren’t we? Yeah, mad skillz.

Ok, final one for now, because we have to go to the in-laws to a barbecue and to see my sister-in-law’s new baby, which will obviously not be as cute as my new baby, obviously.

This is an August LP310 Air Mouse and Wireless Presenter.
“What’s an Air Mouse and Wireless Presenteramijigger?” I hear you ask, as you sip your gin because it is a bank holiday and you can’t agree which movie to watch on Netflix. This is what it is…



Another seemingly boring product, another exciting quickie review.

This is lamp. I love lamp.

So what you’ve got here is an August LEC315 LED lamp, with dimmer function, 3 temperature settings and a USB charger.


Review time again, and this here is a fancy new bluetooth stereo system, with built in FM radio and USB & SD player from August.

august se20bThis stereo system, which looks somewhat like the CD boombox your mum got you for Christmas in 1996, but ended up stealing it for the kitchen so she could listen to The Mavericks while she emptied the dishwasher. It’s a bit smaller though, as it no longer has a need to do CDs because physical media is a dying form, man.

So, I might as well list the features that this thing has, with the full extent of my technical knowledge. (more…)

Well, I promised you reviews of awesome stuff, and I rarely, if ever fail to deliver. So here you go.

The August M425 Bluetooth Speaker.