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Shockingly, this blog doesn’t make any money. It probably could if I figured out how adverts worked or something, but basically I’m doing this for fun.

When the opportunity arises to blag freebies, however, I’m as cheeky as I could possibly be. So when the incredibly lovely Stroopwafel World followed me on Twitter I jumped at the chance to offer a review of their stuff. Surprisingly, they were happy to comply and a few days later a box was left in my shed by that lovely man from Hermes.

I was expecting a pack of Stroopwafels, because… well, Stroopwafel World do Stroopwafels. What arrived was so much more awesome.


If you know me in real life you know I’m a big fan (not a BIIIIG fan, despite what my mum says) of the Transformers franchise. Sure, the live action movies are a shonky pile of turd, but the comics, toys and all sorts of related media are among some of the best things you could possibly spend your well earned pocket moneys on. There’s something nice about lorries that turn into robots and toasters that transform into robots that easily fall off your mancave shelf every other day.

Andy Turnbull

Anyway, it is with great pleasure, that I present one of my pals, Andy Turnbull, on the release date of a number of collected editions of his Unofficial Transformers spin-off comics, a selection of comedic tales that you can enjoy regardless of your exposure to the Transformers franchise, whether you’ve seen the movies, vaguely remember one that turned into a tape player in the 80s, or think that a transformer is merely an invention used to convert different types of voltage. So, here’s a bit of a question and answer session with him for you to read. Enjoy!


I don’t know about you, but my fridge is pretty damn boring. Gem won’t let me have any awesome cool fridge magnets, and as such all my Batman logos and Autobot symbols and inexplicable mini cheese grater magnets have to live in my mancave magnetted onto the side of my lamp.

Well, things are about to change now that I’ve got me some PicStick customised fridge magnets, featuring my face, my girls’ faces and Gem’s incredibly grumpy fridge magnet fascist face. I’m gonna decorate my fridge and make it awesome.

Fridge magnets

Yes, I do have a very sexy fridge, thank you for saying.

So, yeah, simply pop across to and for just nine and a half of your Great British Pounds (or 14.99 of your dirty American dollars) you get 9, yes NINE, fancy glossy magnets made from whatever photos you so desire.

Now, for some reason, Gem got in a fuss about photos of her face or the girls’ faces appearing on my blog, so only I can only show you one magnet. Be warned though, it’s damn sexy.