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Yeah, turns out that ain’t happening. I tried, I really did.

I have actually been busy though. So there.


Maybe next month…

It’s July the 4th, which only means one thing…

It’s the anniversary of the start of The Siege of Nándorfehérvár!

Oh… also some American thing.


It’s a new month and I’ve tidied out the mancave, so I figured I’d do that irritating thing that bloggers do. No, not that, or that. OK, I’d do ONE of the many irritating things that bloggers do, and that is the month of inane, rushed daily blogs that make for a blog-a-day challenge.


Hello boys, girls and Apache attack helicopters. So you’ve probably been all busy doing New Years things the past couple of days so you’ve probably not noticed my last two blog posts (that is the ONLY way to explain their pisspoor views stats). They’re both very good, you stand a chance of winning a (second hand (but awesome)) blu-ray, and you get a disproportionate amount of reminders about the existence of my Patreon, so that’s great.