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For a blog about general nonsense and non-specific randomness, I certainly review an awful lot of weighing scales, don’t I? I don’t even keep an eye on my weight that much, I just somehow keep getting weighing scales to review. Can’t complain though, they all look fairly futuristic, and each one seems to be progressively fancier, so that’s good. One of these days I’ll fasten them all to my wall so my mancave looks like a spaceship from the future as defined by bad science fiction in 1995. Well, this week I seem to be at a new pinnacle of fanciness with this new weighing scale from Ozeri, the ZB13 Touch II Total Body Bathroom Scale.

WIN_20151003_115642 (more…)

What’s this? Another bathroom scales review? Hey Fudgey, are you obsessed with weighing yourself or something? You’re not a big tubby lumpster, you’re perfect as you are!

Well, that’s kind of you to say in your minds which you did say, but sometimes I have to review stuff and sometimes it can’t be all bluetooth speakers and ladypleasure toys and such.

No, YOU have a selfie stick.

No, YOU have a selfie stick.