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It’s that time of year again, when people inexplicably send a piece of card with a festive photo, and inside that card they write their name and it’s all supposed to mean something. 

You can see I’m not a fan of Christmas Cards in general. I think the main reason would be that beyond perhaps a hastily scrawled message, they mean nothing and just get put on a shelf until the 29th December which is the first recycle bin day after all the madness ends.

Well, I’ve found something better than all that, and by better I mean made of chocolate and with my face on it.

Welcome to the world of Morse Toad personalised chocolate cards…


Describe to me a helpful manatee flipping pancakes? No? OK…

Act our a famous leprechaun throwing a javelin? Give up? Right…

Draw an obnoxious koala travelling back in time.

Sounds like a bunch of mad challenges, right? Well, these are all things for you to describe, act out or draw in RANDOMISE, a party game that combines Pictionary, Charades and Articulate/Taboo, but takes things to an absurd, abstract, awesome new level of nonsense.