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Posted: Jul 2, 2018 in Fudgecrumpet
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I don’t like penguins, the birds or the chocolate biscuit

Don’t @ me.


It’s that time of year again, when people inexplicably send a piece of card with a festive photo, and inside that card they write their name and it’s all supposed to mean something. 

You can see I’m not a fan of Christmas Cards in general. I think the main reason would be that beyond perhaps a hastily scrawled message, they mean nothing and just get put on a shelf until the 29th December which is the first recycle bin day after all the madness ends.

Well, I’ve found something better than all that, and by better I mean made of chocolate and with my face on it.

Welcome to the world of Morse Toad personalised chocolate cards…


So, it seems that despite the curmudgeonly efforts of my generation, mobile phone games continue to be more than just Snake II, getting more advanced and fun with every passing day. The latest offering in the endless stream of games that my six-year old daughter, Megan will play at full volume next to my sleeping face at 5:30AM is Cooking Fever, a restaurant simulation game, that requires good time management and the ability not to get stressed.

So, who better to ask to review this game than Megan, on day release from her work down t’pit. (this is Yorkshire, after all)…

cookingfever (more…)