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WoooOooOoo spooky.


Hello. I figured it was about time I repeated the ‘success’ of my Erotic Story Contest and do something completely different but also exactly the same. It’s October though, so rather than eroticism let’s go with the Halloween theme and make it spooky. Woooo.


Quick post just to pimp out this podcast thing that I slightly contributed to…

It is very filthy, and very funny. Tell your friends.

Hiya, sorry it’s been so long getting anything typed up on here, I’ve been so busy being a real life grown up person, I’ve not got anything awesome done. (Although I did eat half a tin of corned beef yesterday as penance).

So, the results for the erotic short story contest, well, we have a clear winner, so over to Olly Murs and Caroline Fludge with the results…

results (more…)