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Another quickie review now, and get sat comfortably because I can guarantee you this will be the most exciting review you have ever read… OK, that’s a life. It’s a review for a wire. Yeahhhhhh baby.


Hi there, don’t mind me, I’m just typing away on my phone (115g) and eating a bag of beefy seabrooks (35g). Oh, and also, I’m writing a review of Ozeri’s Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale, a lovely shiny scale for measuring the weight of all the things you bake or cook or other chef words.


So, yeah it’s a set of digital weighing scales. You might have seen me using them already when I made lemonade with the kids (and some lemons) last week. You’ve got basically a shiny 6″ diameter stainless steel dish for putting your stuff on. Put your stuff on top and you get the weight showing up on the little digital LCD display. Which is nice. If you don’t know what a weighing scale does, maybe you shouldn’t be allowed in the kitchen, basically. (more…)