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Of all the mad scientists of the world, the most vindictive and spiteful are those who design baby clothes. If you’re a parent, I’m sure you’ll agree. They allow you between 3-6 months to get used to the ease of fastening a baby into an outfit with the ergonomic use of poppers but once you hit that 6 month point, the gloves come off and these evil geniuses work tirelessly to make undressing and dressing your wiggling poop/noise creature the most awkward and annoying task known to man.



So it cometh to pass
On thine twenty and secondeth of the moenth of Julius
Thy sister of Pippa of thine splendid posterior
and thy manbrother of Henry the ginger shalt spawn
A creature of blue blood, mouth containeth spoon of silver
Amid thunder and lightning, thy prince is born
And thy Toby Carvery shalt sendeth me a voucher for thy free upgrade to thy king-sized carvery dinner
And this was good.