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Oh look, there you are. Showing your face at last.
I know what you’ve been up to, all these slightly more adult blog posts I’ve been doing, what with the snug underpants and the erotic stories, you’ve gone and completely messed up your bed again. I shouldn’t be surprised, it was all very hardcore and rude, still… those sheets are stained to buggery now.

Don’t worry, though. It’s fine. FINE. I’ve teamed up Justice League style with the funky peoples at who can help you out with your problem. No, not that problem, you should see a doctor about that. The problem of needing some new sheets, duvet cover, and… your pillow cases too!? Good god what have you been up to?


eLinens are running a competition in which you can win free bedding for life, so you can update your bedclothes using a voucher for their site once a year for the rest of your life.


Hi everyone, Meg joins me again for another review, although for obvious reasons, she is a little excitable.

Yes, it’s the Elsa dress from Disney’s Frozen, from a lovely blue dress, with a cape and a fancy brooch.

Elsa Dress

I guess without further ado, here’s the review… Well, I say review, it’s edited down from about half an hour of excitable almost-5-year-old, but I guess you can get the general drift of how much she adores the costume. 800/10 indeed. (more…)

You ever have those kinda days when you’ve made a lot of cupcakes and you’ve promised your dad you’d bring some to work, but the missus won’t let you use the good Tupperware because last time you left it in the garden and a slug went on it? Yeah, we all do.

Well, that’s where a fancy cupcake box is needed, and if you want a cupcake box, you couldn’t go far wrong with one of these beauties from Millvale Bakery

As demonstrated by my able assistant, Jessica.

As demonstrated by my able assistant, Jessica.