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As I tend to do occasionally I have passed on book reviewing duties to Jess, with Garth Nix’s Goldenhand – the fifth book in his Old Kingdom series.

Now, before we get started, neither Jess nor I have read any of Garth Nix’s stuff before, so if we offend any of you superfans by not knowing what the hell we are on about, I apologise in advance. (more…)

The Other Alice is a new book by Michelle Harrison, asking the question “What would happen if the characters from the stories you’ve written managed to escape into the real world?”

It is aimed for readers ages 9+, so naturally I gave the book to Gem (grown up, asked me not to write her age) to read. (She also didn’t want me to take a picture of her with the book because she hasn’t done her hair).



It’s the last day of half term, and I am all worn out, so I’ve fobbed off my final post of the week to Megan, aged 6, with her review of three books by Elli Woollard, The Giant of Jum, The Dragon and the Nibblesome Knight and Swashbuckle Lil – The Secret Pirate.

20160605_193044 (more…)

Finn is a teenage boy who lives in the town of Darkmouth.Which is fine, people live in creepily named places all the time. Unfortunately Darkmouth is more than just a creepily named town, for within Darkmouth is a gateway to the Infested Side, a world of myth, magic and monsters that threatens to spill into the real world and cause an awful mess.

Fortunately, Finn is no ordinary boy, having inherited the title of last Legend Hunter from his father. On a quest to find his missing father, after searching for a mysterious lost map, Finn finds himself venturing into the Infested Side with his friend Emmie, and find themselves going where no Legend Hunter has gone before.

darkmouth 2