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My missus is a ruddy great history nerd. She has a secret folder on her laptop full of topless photos of Dan Snow and completely ruined the latest Robin Hood movie by pointing out that the commoners shouldn’t be wearing purple hoodies.

So, the opportunity to review a copy of Bernard Cornwell’s new book was an ideal way for me to get in her good books after swearing at her while building Lego at the weekend, and also a fantastic way to keep her quiet for a while so I can build Lego.

This review launches a blog tour of reviews and articles related to these books, because if you’re going to advertise your epic historical novel, why not start the ball rolling with a poorly maintained blog written by a guy who wouldn’t know history if it jumped out in front of him, waggling its tentacles or whatever.


WoooOooOoo spooky.


Hello. I figured it was about time I repeated the ‘success’ of my Erotic Story Contest and do something completely different but also exactly the same. It’s October though, so rather than eroticism let’s go with the Halloween theme and make it spooky. Woooo.


There’s a brand new movie of Roald Dahl’s The BFG out, and I’ve been asked to review the new movie tie-in edition of the book, packed with bonus activities and such.

Invited Jess to help me review, because I thought she could do with a break from her busy schedule of doing whatever it is 11 year-olds do, watching Miranda Sings on YouTube or not tidying up.


It’s the last day of half term, and I am all worn out, so I’ve fobbed off my final post of the week to Megan, aged 6, with her review of three books by Elli Woollard, The Giant of Jum, The Dragon and the Nibblesome Knight and Swashbuckle Lil – The Secret Pirate.

20160605_193044 (more…)

Finn is a teenage boy who lives in the town of Darkmouth.Which is fine, people live in creepily named places all the time. Unfortunately Darkmouth is more than just a creepily named town, for within Darkmouth is a gateway to the Infested Side, a world of myth, magic and monsters that threatens to spill into the real world and cause an awful mess.

Fortunately, Finn is no ordinary boy, having inherited the title of last Legend Hunter from his father. On a quest to find his missing father, after searching for a mysterious lost map, Finn finds himself venturing into the Infested Side with his friend Emmie, and find themselves going where no Legend Hunter has gone before.

darkmouth 2


Right then, blatant advert time.

Check out this here LINK for my good pal Bronwen Winter Phoenix’s new short story, Zombie Thatcher. The first part in what could possibly be an ongoing series of horror comedy adventures of everyone’s favourite undead ex-prime minister.

It’s only like £1.50ish on kindle so you should be able to afford it if you don’t buy any malteasers for a day.

Why am I being so generous and lovely to some random person? What happened to selfish old Fudgey, looking out for himself like some kind of sexy internet leech? Oh he’s still here, turns out I designed the cover for this here thing. A funky bit of lazy phone-based photo editing and that, but I’m pretty sure that makes the effort and expense of visiting amazon worthwhile.

So, please go and have a look, buy the thing, and then write a five star review making extra efforts to compliment the cover and how wonderful I am.


Heres the link again, which I would really appreciate you copying and pasting and sharing on whatever websites and forums you use…