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Hello ladies, how YOU doin?

Don’t worry, it’s only me, calm your loins. I’m just here today to share‘s Men’s Guide To Becoming Christian Grey, a guide to becoming a master seducer that obviously I have no need of because I am all the sex god, with my beard and my fancy see-thru underpants.

Still, I thought it might help the fellas out a bit, maybe get them a bit more the old snuggle time with their respective ladypals. It’s also a handy summary of the plot of Fifty Shades of Grey so you don’t have to watch the movie or read the book. Ever.

So, without further foreplay, here’s the guide. Enjoy.


Graphic provided (via Adored | Buy vibrators online).

So I find myself in the exciting position of having a preview of that new Fifty Shades of Grey book, GREY presenting the story from the man’s perspective.

Be ready with the kleenex and talcum powder, this is hot stuff…


Enjoyed that did you? You’re welcome.