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Regular readers of my blog, when they’re not strapped to a bed and pumped full of anti-psychotics, will recall I get sent loads of random things to review.

This is one of those things, but be aware that all my reviews are completely unbiased and fair. I’ve not been asked to only say nice things and if I do hate something I will say so.

So without further ado, this is the Twisted Chef Stuffed Burger Press, which is literally the best thing ever invented.


So, you know me well enough to know I rarely eat anything healthy. If a food doesn’t have bacon in it then I tend to consign it to the back of the fridge, whenceforth it shall be expected to grow legs and attempt world domination using some sort of pseudo-science the likes of which would make Stan Lee say “That’s just bleedin’ ridiculous, by ‘eck.” (In my head, Stan Lee is from Barnsley)

crushed 1Crushed 2Crushed 3
Well, here I am eating actual fruit. And not that fruit that is fruit-shaped and that you need to use your teeth and that to eat, no this is a yummy fruit snack that’s been squished up and put in a pouch for you to eat with the minimum of effort. Yeah, it’s lazy food and it’s good for you, it’s a CRUSHED FAST FRUIT SNACK and it’s yummy like an angel French kissing you after eating a cake.