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Let’s fix some crappy movie tropes with the use of modern technology! Yay!

Yes, I had a very good, well written introduction to this post but I accidentally deleted it in my pocket. Then I wrote another well written introduction and accidentally deleted it in my pocket as well. The moral of this story is that I shouldn’t be allowed pockets.


Hey there, book review time again, and being the responsible/lazy parent I am, I have delegated reviewing to Jess (11). Today’s book is THE SHADOW MAKER, the second book by Abi Elphinstone, a fantasy novel for ages 8+.



Yeah, I can’t be arsed typing out the full name, it’s Harry Potter 1.

The one without any acting in it. Because the kids are making me watch it. I wanted to watch Iron Man.

Harry Potter 1

So without further ado… Let’s indulge in untalented youngsters reading words written on boards without any emotion.