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Another day, another piece of random tat. Today’s is yet another example of the sort of thing that my good pal Alec sends me because I think he enjoys Gem being cross with me.


Evening all you Master Builders out there. Everyone loves a bit of LEGO (which I am reliably informed must be written in caps lock), well, everyone who doesn’t walk around barefoot in the dark. There’s pretty much nothing better than building something amazing out of dotty bricks, the most amazing thing to come out of Denmark since bacon and er… OK, those two things are the only things.

In my mancave I’ve got a massive pile of giant LEGO bricks that contain pretty much all the LEGO that ever. Usually my LEGO sessions with the kids are an hour long with about three hours of tidying up afterwards, and most of that time is spent building rectangles or finding the lost head of LEGO Thor (who incidentally looks a lot like Noel Edmonds). If only there were something helpful to provide some inspiration when LEGOing the LEGO, all LEGOey like.

Well, here we go…

…the new LEGO Awesome Ideas Book. nigh on 200 pages of ideas for things to build, ranging from houses to spaceships, from monsters to pencils, all sorts of funky stuff.