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Right, blogger’s block. I was gonna try and do a request on twitter for topic suggestions but they’ve either gone all serious or they don’t understand the question. Instead, I have been sly and duped them into playing a game of eye spy in an attempt to get one-word topics to write about.
I know, I’m so bloody clever. Send me $400.

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with L.

The lemur is some sort of stupid monkey from Spain or something. It can climb trees and eats a diet of discarded pool inflatables and babies. Their main predator is the OngoBongo beast, which sneaks up on them on Wednesday afternoons and frightens them to death by making them watch surrealist Russian animation from 1976.
Also, what they call Olly Murs in France.

Lampposts were popular in the mid-late 1970s, mainly because they were an excellent meeting area for fondue parties and protected citizens from people who didn’t understand the concept of nipple piercing. They are basically tubes of upright metal with a light on top, and are powered by social despair and the hope of a better tomorrow.

Lurgy is a disease carried by people who have greasy hair and wear glasses. It is contagious by touch, friendly interaction or by going round to their house for tea. It is socially lethal and can lead to your lunchbox getting stolen and all your sandwiches being thrown at the gypsies that are camped out on the top school playing field.

Some sort of woman who likes touching other women on the twinkle. The reality of this is much less depressing and grossly less photogenic than displayed in movies, magazines and my imagination.
They all used to wear dungarees but stopped when everyone noticed.

A mediocre singer from the 80s who tried to regain popularity in the mid-2000s by appearing on various reality tv shows. Has or maybe had daft hair.

A cramped, dirty city full of people who think they are cool and places that people think are important. All the important events and such happen here because the people who think they are cool like to make the places that people think are important more important by having Paul McCartney do a shit on the roof.
I haven’t been in a while because it is very unwelcoming to outsiders because outsiders are apparently not cool and their places aren’t important.