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The Sniffer.

A Russian/Ukranian show.

On Netflix.

With subtitles.

From 2013.

A detective show.

About a man who solves crimes.

Ok… yeah, that might have answered the question posed in the title…


He solves crimes by sniffing stuff.



In which our brave hero watches a children’s TV show that tries its hardest to be as upsetting and unpleasant as possible… (more…)

It’s been a few weeks since Christmonth was declared in our house, and Gem has been insisting on watching any movie with Christmas in it’s title.
It turns out that crap Christmas movies are the most depressing movies ever, at least up until the final 10 minutes when everything sorts itself out.
Anyway, I made this for you to use next time you get forced to watch a terrible Christmas movie starring whatsisname from that 90s movie. Have fun!