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It’s a New Year and everyone has made some sort of resolution pertaining to a form of self-improvement that is either vaguely achievable with considerable effort, impossible to quantify and therefore attainable based on interpretation or just annoyingly ironic. Well, here are mine…


Tooth-Ow-sand 18.

Posted: Jan 2, 2018 in Fudgecrumpet
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Hi there.

So, it’s 2018, the Christmas period is nearly over (because it doesn’t end until after the 9th, my birthday, obviously) and whatever turkey leftovers that remain are now unfit for human consumption except for dares.

“How was your Christmas?” becomes the new greeting for everyone who has nothing interesting to say. The weather is either depressingly moist or inconveniently icy, it’s all a pile of arse.

Yeah, I’m grumpy. I have toothache.


Hello boys, girls and Apache attack helicopters. So you’ve probably been all busy doing New Years things the past couple of days so you’ve probably not noticed my last two blog posts (that is the ONLY way to explain their pisspoor views stats). They’re both very good, you stand a chance of winning a (second hand (but awesome)) blu-ray, and you get a disproportionate amount of reminders about the existence of my Patreon, so that’s great.