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When an author dies, you can hardly expect them to keep writing. Usually being dead means they’re much too lazy to fulfil word quotas or even to bother typing stuff up. Well, not Dr Seuss.

The writer of such books as that rubbish Christmas one with Jim Carrey that was filmed on video and they didn’t even bother digitally grading it to make it look at all movie-like, and that Mike Myers one that I went upstairs when the kids put it on telly. Apparently the Americans love his stuff, rhyming nonsense with other nonsense, and pretty pictures that don’t get the noses right.

Well, the guy died in the 90s and he left a big box of unfinished work that his secretary eventually went through in 2013. That box contained the manuscript and line art that you’ll find finished off and coloured in,  looking all fancy and new, but keeping with the tone of Dr Seuss’ classic books from the 60s.

This story is about two kids looking round a pet shop, trying to find a pet. Why a parent would send their kids alone to make an important shopping decision is beyond me, but that’s what happens. Maybe things are different in America or something. Anyway, rather than explain the various events and such that occur, I thought I’d let Meg read it to you. Also, it stopped her nagging about being bored while we wait for Jess to finish her dance class.

So, here you go…

Apologies about the lack of editing or whatever, I have really cold feet and I’ve not had breakfast. So, Meg enjoyed the book, I think she struggled a little bit with the slightly weird poetry style of Dr Seuss. Nonetheless, for a 6 year old, this book is easy enough to read, and the pictures are nice enough.

The story ends unresolved, letting the kid make their own mind up what the children chose as a pet. There is a little check-box at the back for your kid to choose which pet they would have gone with.

It’s all very twee and fluffy and fun, and I see no reason why your kids won’t enjoy it. The blurb I was sent says the stuff at the back of the book detailing the rediscovery and subsequent finishing-off of the book is ‘thrilling’ but unless you get someone like Anthony Hopkins to read it to you, it’s just interesting. It does go into a lot of detail about colour palettes and such, which I suppose if you’re such a big Dr Seuss fan that you care about that, well, it’s nice.

I think this is probably the book equivalent of when they find an old recording of Elvis and finish it off so they can sell a new album. It does have the unmistakable tone and style of Dr Seuss, but really I doubt you’ll be going out of your way to get this unless you’ve got the rest of his books and you want the full set. That said, it’s not bad as a standalone book. I just don’t think it’s gonna be your go-to book if you think “Ooh I’ll get a Dr Seuss book”

You can find the book HERE on Amazon, so, yeah, do that.

I kinda feel bad I didn’t make this review rhyme. Orange.

A very short post, offering you a sneaky peek at the new book from Rick Riordan.


Blood of Olympus

In what could be Percy Jackson’s Final Battle, Rick Riordan’s series of demi-god adventures reaches a climax as a handful of young heroes face off against Gaea’s army of powerful giants. The Gods are useless, still suffering from multiple personality disorder, and the odds are grim. Is there any option but to head into Athens and face certain doom?

Catch the trailer here…

Released on 7th October 2014, you can pre-order it now from AMAZON.

Or! Even! Better! You can enter this competition to win a copy for free! Oooh!
Tis only a quick 24 hour competition though, so get a move on. Ends at 11:59 on 2nd October 2014. Or maybe ten minutes after that if I lose track of the time. One entry per person, my decision is final, etc.

So, answer the incredibly difficult question, bob your address and such down too (I pinky swear I won’t share it with anyone, it just means if you win you’ll get your book so much quicker), and good luck.

Who is the lead character in this series of books?
A – Simon LeBon
B – Mr Tigglewinkle’s Butler
C – Percy Jackson

It’s all so exciting! ooh!