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Hey you. Fancy meeting you here. You look terrible, would you like a glass of wine?
Oh noes! The wine bottle has a cork and I hurt my hand having a fight with an octopus, however will I get it open?
Ta da!


Ignore the ghosts in the background.

This here is the Ozeri Electric Wine Opener, which is some kind of magic corkscrew from the future. Wooo.

Hi there, don’t mind me, I’m just typing away on my phone (115g) and eating a bag of beefy seabrooks (35g). Oh, and also, I’m writing a review of Ozeri’s Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale, a lovely shiny scale for measuring the weight of all the things you bake or cook or other chef words.


So, yeah it’s a set of digital weighing scales. You might have seen me using them already when I made lemonade with the kids (and some lemons) last week. You’ve got basically a shiny 6″ diameter stainless steel dish for putting your stuff on. Put your stuff on top and you get the weight showing up on the little digital LCD display. Which is nice. If you don’t know what a weighing scale does, maybe you shouldn’t be allowed in the kitchen, basically. (more…)

What’s this? Another bathroom scales review? Hey Fudgey, are you obsessed with weighing yourself or something? You’re not a big tubby lumpster, you’re perfect as you are!

Well, that’s kind of you to say in your minds which you did say, but sometimes I have to review stuff and sometimes it can’t be all bluetooth speakers and ladypleasure toys and such.

No, YOU have a selfie stick.

No, YOU have a selfie stick.


You and your mum both know i like a cup of coffee. In fact, you’ve probably seen me on Twitter at 1am bouncing off the walls complaining about not being able to sleep. Well, now I’m having coffee in an entirely different way. No, not dressed as a Mexican while riding a tame wildebeest, from an awesome Ozeri Serafino Thermo Glass.


A Glass of Coffee. YEAHHH


Yeah, so, that’s a monster of a blog title. Here comes a review, concentrate.

OZERI CARDIOTECH Premium Series BP3T Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Intelligent Hypertension Detection

Yeah, exciting stuff.

So, before my mum claims this bit of kit for her first aid box (I think she’s under the impression that if she has all the gadgets, she will gain medical knowledge by osmosis. She doesn’t even know what osmosis is), I thought I’d write a bit of a quick review about it here.

But of course that means I have to use the thing. So here goes…

…well that was painless. Well, it squeezed a bit. I’m a wuss. But a wuss with normal blood pressure. So YAY!