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Had a day full of issues today so vented them out bodging up some ‘realistic’ Mr Men on Picsay Pro on my phone.

I apologise.


Baby Mr Tickle wants to tickle you until you give him milk...


Don't Lose Your Way...

So I stayed up way too late last night, digibashing this Windblade picture into a Kill la Kill tribute.

Original by Alex Milne and Priscilla Tramontano.


Let a little colour into your life…

Today on twitter for The Poke I did these here posters… enjoy.



For all you geek blogger types wanting a pic to accompany your Anti-Affleck fury rant…

Of course, if you really do appreciate my efforts, here’s my Amazon wish list.

Don’t ask, don’t get, yeah? No you fuck off.


So it cometh to pass
On thine twenty and secondeth of the moenth of Julius
Thy sister of Pippa of thine splendid posterior
and thy manbrother of Henry the ginger shalt spawn
A creature of blue blood, mouth containeth spoon of silver
Amid thunder and lightning, thy prince is born
And thy Toby Carvery shalt sendeth me a voucher for thy free upgrade to thy king-sized carvery dinner
And this was good.