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Eight years ago I scanned my face.

This is my face now.

What a difference eight years makes…


Hey ladies, how ya doin?

So this is just me whoring myself out for Twitch followers again. Because I’m SO CLOSE to the criteria to claim Affiliate Status and start broadcasting to make a small amount of pocket money, and that would be really quite nice.


More outpouring of my typing nonsense, this time for The Reel Deal, a review of 1967’s Massacre Gun, a cool japanese revenge thriller which features a fantastic display of bullet-fuelled-death-disco…

Right then, we’ve done Night of the Living Dead, we’ve done Dawn of the Dead, we’ve taken a break for a modern zombie classic, now we have to start the inevitable decline in quality as we venture further into the realms of George A Romero’s zombie saga… Tonight, it’s Day of the Dead.
Day of the Dead
This edition being the fancypants 25th anniversary Blu-ray with a fancy comic, multiple box covers, a booklet by my random film bloke and a POSTER! (more…)