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You all know me, I’m not exactly that Insane Bolt fella, I’m not a runner. I think my most strenuous athletic feat to date was when I had to press Z and X rapidly to make Daley Thompson run really fast on the ZX Spectrum.

Still, when offered the chance to do a bit of Trail Running, and, with the motivation of a lovely email lady telling me what to do, a few visits to the gym too.whatistrailrunning (more…)

Sometimes I like to browse the, looking for things to write about, things to review and such. Well, one day I see a nice assignment for reviewing some new trainers. In my naiive mind I think to myself, oh that’d be a fun thing to write about, I’d like to give a pair of trainers a go, my current trainers are a bit past it, they let in water, I can’t run in them without blisters popping up and popping out everywhere. This would be a good blog opportunity for me.

I forget that sometimes I shouldn’t tell Gem that I have to review fancy new trainers, because she wants to try some new trainers because I always get stuff for me to review. It doesn’t matter that it’s my bloody blog and the last thing I got to review thinking of her, she refused to try out because she said it turned the whole experience into a science experiment.20150228_130952

Anyway, as I am under the thumb, or rather, boot of the missus, I now present to you my review of her new Running Shoes from Asics.